If you can be depressed for no reason, you can be happy for no reason.




There was this dungeon a long time ago in a country ruled by an evil king. And he put his political enemies in a dungeon. The dungeon was a terrible place. It was dark and wet. There were bugs and mice crawling all over and flies. It smelled horribly of feces and urine. People who had criticized the king for publishing articles or leading protest were put in there.  There was also an idiot in there. THis idiot had obvious mental problem. He was unable to speak, except for an occasional word once in a while, that made no sense.  Much of the time he would laugh for no apparent reason. Apparently he thought something was funny. He has an hysterical look on his face most of the time. He would laugh at inapproaproprite times, and to the observer, it seems to be for no reason. It was this tendency that got him put in the dungeon. One day the king was making a speech and the idiot laughed. The king was insulted, and threw him.

But king have mercy. He is only a simpleton, he knows not what he does. He has no sense of where he is.

Then being in the dungeon will make little difference. Throw him in.

Which they did.

The normal people in the dungeon were very unhappy. But the idiot seemed to be enjoying himself quite a bit.

Be that idiot.


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